Strength Training For Teenagers

Did you know that strength training can even benefit teenagers academically?
Resistance training is as beneficial to children and young teenagers as it is for adults for numerous reasons though it must be remembered that they are not simply mini adults and training must be adjusted appropriately. As long as they are coached through the exercises properly, it is a perfectly safe method of training. The American Society of Pediatrics and the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine has cited that weight training can be positive for children once training is appropriate and they are supervised by qualified coaches.
This type of training will aid their bones to grow while building mass. It also reduces their risk of sports related injury while reducing excess weight. On top of this, their confidence and self esteem will rise all the while building a foundation for them being active later in life.
Strength training has been shown in studies to have a positive effect on students academic performance too. In a study of 1125 students in 2008, one study found that those who participated in strength training averaged higher grades than those who didn’t. So if you are worried about the time it will take away from your teenagers studies, it is worth squeezing in three sessions a week!
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