Strength Training For Athletes

Strength training is beneficial for people from all walks of life. Whether you are an older person with poor mobility looking to have a better quality of life or a teenager looking to better develop your body’s abilities, strength training is going to be helpful for you to reach your goals. This is just as true for athletes as it is for anyone else!

One of the biggest influences that strength training is going to have on your sports career is that it lowers the chances that you are going to get injured. Even in the case where you do get injured, being stronger has been shown to reduce the severity of injury.

If you train to full range of motion, your mobility and flexibility will also improve. Each movement has a concentric (lifting) and eccentric (lowering) phase and your muscles work in pairs. As one muscle is contracting, it’s opposite is relaxing and vice versa on the second phase of the lift. Done properly, this will lead to better mobility.

Strength training is going to make you a more athletic, powerful, stronger and faster athlete if your program is progressive in nature. We have a new Athletic Development program in Tailormade, so if you are an athlete looking to increase your performance in your sport, get in touch today!

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