Recovery Room

Normatec Boots



Normatec started out in the medical field, making devices to aid peoples circulatory issues like lymphedema. Dr Laura Jacobs wanted to create a device that more accurately replicated the actions of the muscles to assist patients in a non invasive manner.

She created a pattern of compression that mimics the veins and lymphatic vessels one way system by pulsing and holding, keeping fluid and metabolic waste flowing out of the muscles in the right direction. As the zones move up towards the upper leg, the lower zones release, allowing each zone maximal recovery time between pulses.

In lymphedema patients in particular, the boots have been shown to help return fluid to working lymphatic vessels to be drained. This may help to alleviate lymph buildup in affected body parts.

This increased blood flow has been shown to be beneficial to people with poor blood flow and can even prevent or minimise varicose veins too!

Hypervolt Massage Gun





Massage guns are getting more and more popular and it is easy to see why. Think foam rollers but with a quarter of the effort. They have been shown to have a similar effect to a deep tissue massage within minutes. 

The joy of this is that you can easily fit it around a schedule whether you are busy at work, a sports fanatic trying to get in around training, or just someone who wants to see a reduction in soreness from the gym.

With increased sports performance, reduced pain, faster healing. and a better range of motion, what isn’t to like!