Health and Safety Statement

Health and Safety Statement

Tailormade Fitness recognises the duties it has under health and safety acts and regulations to ensure the safety, health and well-being of all members, coaches and staff when they are involved in Tailormade Fitness business.
This statement sets out the health & safety policy of Fitness and the means through which that policy is to be implemented. Our objective is to provide a safe and healthy place of work for all staff members and to meet all our duties and obligations to our clients. It is Tailormade Fitness’ intention to protect our employees from accident or ill health at work. The company will seek to ensure that all our equipment and systems do not constitute a risk to the Health & Safety of our employees and we will consult with employees on risk improvements.
Our approach to Health & Safety as far as is reasonably practicable will be:
● To Provide a Safe Place of Work.
● To continue to identify and control hazards.
● To prevent as far as is reasonably possible, any improper conduct or behaviour likely to put the Safety, Health & Welfare of employees at risk.
● To consult with staff on all Health & Safety matters.
● To provide protective clothing and equipment where necessary.
● To provide a safe means of entering and leaving the building.
● To provide a safe system of work practices.
● To provide appropriate information and training to staff members on a continuous basis.
● To make Health & Safety a key issue.
● Provide a safe and healthy training environment for members and coaches through assessing the risks associated with participation and controlling them to ensure they are minimised.
● Ensure that adequate arrangements are in place in the event of accident, fire or other incident.
● Ensure that coaches and helpers have the appropriate coaching training.
● Keep the arrangements under review and introducing additional measures considered necessary and are reasonably practicable in relation to the operation of the companies business.
Moral and Ethical Issues

Tailormade fitness has also designed a document relating to:
● Equal opportunities.
● Code of Ethics
● Code of conduct.
These documents are available to our staff through our training portal.

Protecting the participants in our gyms

All coaches and participants are expected to adhere to these policies at all times. Staff and coaches will be suitably screened to ensure they are suitable to work with children. All staff of Tailormade Fitness are required to undergo Garda Vetting. Staff are also required to follow accepted, good, safe coaching practice at all times
Child Protection

Tailormade Fitness will strive to ensure that children, young people and vulnerable adults are protected and kept safe from harm whilst participating in facility activities. We endeavor to promote the highest standards of care for participants and will:
● Provide and implement procedures to safeguard the well-being of all participants and protect them from abuse.
● Respect and promote the rights, wishes and feelings of all participants.
● Adopt good practice in recruitment, training and supervision of all employees and interns, and provide guidance to parents and carers.
● Require all employees to read and agree to our Code of Ethics and Conduct, Health, Safety and Welfare Policy and the Child Protection Policy and Procedures.
● Respond to all allegations and concerns, and implement the appropriate disciplinary and appeals procedure.
● No photography and videoing will be permitted without prior agreement from parents and participants. Full details of photography and video policy is found in the Membership Policies.
● The company has a child liaison officer, to whom all complaints, grievances and suspicions of poor practice should be addressed.
● Matters will be dealt with confidentially and only those who need to know will be informed. Allegations of child abuse should be made directly to the designated person. Contact details for the child liaison officer and designated person will be on the company website.

Employer Responsibilities

The responsibility for the provision of a safe place of work rests with the directors and management of Tailormade Fitness. Specifically these responsibilities are:

● To maintain a safe and healthy work environment for employees, in addition to conforming to all current statutory requirements.
● To provide the appropriate type and level of training to enable employees to perform their work safely and efficiently.
● To make available to every employee appropriate equipment to ensure Health & Safety.
● To maintain a vigilant and continuing interest in all Health & Safety matters relevant to both the company and staff.

Employee Responsibilities

As a valued employee of Tailormade Fitness you have a responsibility to yourself and your fellow workers to carry out your work in a safe and considerate manner. Employees must:
● Cooperate with the management and committee in maintaining a safe workplace.
● Identify themselves to members or their guardians as a coach during work hours by wearing the Tailormade Fitness uniform that is provided to all employees.
● Report any potential hazards to management and not work in any hazardous conditions should they; in the employee’s opinion exist.
● Be aware of the nearest emergency exists and fire-fighting / first aid equipment.
● Never interfere with or misuse anything provided by the company in the interests of Health & Safety.
● Read the company Health & Safety statement and obey all mandatory signs.
● Not partake in any form of horseplay or prank likely to lead to injury to you or others.

Smoking/Alcohol and Drugs

It is not permissible to attend work under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs. The smoking of tobacco products is prohibited in the premises of Tailormade Fitness. This smoking policy forms part of the overall Health & Safety Policy and any breach will be treated as disciplinary procedure. All staff members are expected to abide by the terms of this policy.


Manual Handling

Manual Handling is defined as the “transporting of a load by one or more employees and includes lifting, putting down, pushing, carrying or moving a load, which by reason of its characteristics or of unfavourable ergonomic conditions involves risks, particularly of back injury to employees”.

This is a priority issue because it is a major cause of accidents in the workplace. It is Tailormade Fitness’ policy to minimise the need for manual handling of loads and so therefore should be avoided as far as is reasonably practicable. Employees must check the weight of the load before attempting to lift it and if the load is too heavy get help.

When lifting, follow the following basic principles.

● Relax the knees. Lowering movements should start at the knees not the head.
● Get close to the object to be lifted.
● Get a good balance by keeping the feet apart. One foot will automatically be ahead of the other.
● When in position, bend the knees and lift with the strong muscles in the legs.
● Lift gradually, smoothly and without jerking, keeping the object close to the body and the back straight.


The company is committed to identifying the safety training needs on an ongoing basis. Staff will be involved in the identification of hazards in the gym and the office and advised of the particular hazards pertaining to their area. Staff will be trained to respond to such hazards in order to prevent accidents/ injury to themselves, their colleagues and clients.


The company is committed to consulting with its staff members regarding safety, health and welfare in the office. Staff are involved in the identification of hazards and are trained in dealing with the hazards identified. The safety statement will be included in Induction training of all new staff, coaches and committee members and staff will be advised on how to deal with any problems that arise.


Additionally the company carries Public Liablilty insurance. On joining, members are asked to fill in and sign a membership form with their details including notification of any medical conditions, (previous or current) and allergies, emergency contact and agree to adhere to the gym rules and policies. Injuries that have happened recently and sustained outside of the facility, should be reported and signed into the injury book before any person begins participating.

Reporting of Accidents

Staff are required to report all accidents and near misses, whether resulting in injury or not, to the manager who will further report to the directors. The Tailormade Fitness Accident/Incident form should be used to record the accident/incident and forwarded to the management team. Under the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work General Application Regulations 1993, employers must report certain occurrences to the Health & Safety Authority and ensure records are kept on site for a period of 10 years. The following details are required when completing the Tailormade Fitness Accident/Incident form:
● Name of Gym where accident/ incident occurred.
● Date, Time and Place of the incident.
● Briefly describe what happened.
● Name/s of those involved.
● Details of any injury sustained.
● Details of any damage made.
● Name of those who dealt with the situation.
● Details of how it was resolved/ dealt with.
● Details of any follow up required.

All accidents will be investigated by the management and reported to the directors. Corrective action will be taken where necessary to avoid a re-occurrence. Accidents involving persons who are not members of staff but are visiting or working on the premises must also be reported.

In the event of an injury sustained to any underage member in the course of training, the manager or supervisor will contact the members parents and request they be brought home immediately.

First Aid

First Aid boxes are provided to ensure that first aid supplies are easily accessible when required in an emergency. First Aid boxes are located behind the counter in each of our gyms. They are to be checked regularly and shortages replaced. Employees have an obligation to ensure that First Aid Boxes, like any safety equipment, are not tampered with. Free access to First Aid Boxes must be maintained at all times. Painkillers cannot be provided in the First Aid Boxes.