Deadlift mistakes

As you know, we love deadlifts here in Tailormade. And we are passionate about getting them right. We often talk about technique and ensuring it is right, but do you know what common mistakes you should be avoiding? Here are three easy ones to fix!


  1. Not warming up correctly! This is one of the most common things that we see, and one of the easiest to fix! Making sure you arrive at your sessions in time for the full warm up will help you get the most out of deadlifting!


  1. Foot placement! Some people stand a little too far back from the bar! This can overload your lower back when you try to pull the bar off the ground, and can cause the bar to swing into your shins when it rises. Make sure that your midfoot is directly under the bar!


  1. Rounding your back! This one can lead to lower back pain and potentially injury if it isn’t corrected early! When you put your hands on the barbell, you should keep your chest elevated and straight. The position can feel awkward to get into, especially if you are new to deadlifts, but this is the right way to position yourself for maximum efficiency and safety.

Finally, make sure you are pushing with your legs, and not lifting with your back! Imagine you are trying to push the floor away from you while keeping your back straight!

We hope this post helps! 

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