Month: May 2021


For a long time Fat was a word that was looked on as something dirty. We were told that it needed to be banished from our tables as much as possible, and that it was the cause of all evils. Everyone started eating low fat foods, but the switch didn’t make us any healthier. Why? …

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The final countdown is on. Less than three weeks to go until gyms open, and we can’t wait to get going! To make sure you hit the ground running we are running free assessments. We have over 100 assessments done in the last week, and it has been great fun to see how you have …

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Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for an exciting competition coming Monday!   #tailormadefitness #tailormaderecovery #strength #fitness #gym #irishfitfam #training #weightlifting


In theory, it is very simple. The fewer calories you eat, the more weight you lose. But there are many factors that also need to be taken into account. Age, height, weight, activity levels, and even metabolic health are all factors that can influence how many calories you need a day. When trying to lose …

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Calories are basically a unit of measurement of food. You need a certain amount of food (calories) each day just to maintain bodyweight.   Do you need to count calories? No. What is important is knowing your goal weight and then eating above or below your baseline for maintaining weight!   You need some form …

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