Overhead Press – Common Mistakes

We hope you enjoyed our video on the overhead press Monday. To continue, here are a few common mistakes people make doing this exercise.

1: The wrong grip width – Proper set up is absolutely essential to performing this lift correctly and safely. Too narrow, or too wide, will hamper your performance but also increase your injury risk.

You want to hold the bar just slightly wider than shoulder width and grip the bar firmly. You want the bar, wrists, and elbows stacked in line to ensure that you maximise performance.

2: Arching your back too much – A slight back arch is normal, but excessive arch is never a good thing. There are usually a few reasons for loss of core stability like inactive glutes, lack of core strength, and a lack of knowledge of proper technique. Talk to your coach if you aren’t sure what your form is like.

3: Flared elbows- Think of your arms like a pillar. They are able to support more weight if they are stacked. A small bit of elbow flare is normal, but if they flare too far you are going to put a lot of pressure on your rotator cuff muscles.

Keeping your elbows tucked will also help you to keep your back tight throughout the movement.


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