Are Deadlifts bad for your back? No!

A common fear for people is that deadlifts are bad for the back but actually, done correctly, deadlifts can be the best lower back exercise. In fact, it uses just about every muscle group in the body.
Few exercises utilise full body strength to lift weight off the ground like the deadlift does and this makes it a very functional exercise for everyday life. Any time we lift anything off the ground, we should be doing it in a deadlift position – back straight, hinge at the hips, lift with the legs.
On top of this, because the deadlift utilises so many muscles, it burns a lot of calories so it is great for fat loss!
Many recommend deadlifting as part of a back rehab program in fact, so once you do deadlifts with proper form, and have the mobility to get into the right position, they are safe! If you can’t, don’t worry, our experienced coaches will help you to get there!
Have you found that your back has grown stronger deadlifting?
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